Informational/Educational Handouts

We've handed out a bunch of both informational and educational handouts to our referring physicians and staff. This page features PDF versions of all our handouts for either online viewing or for printing. Please feel free to check out the handouts below, and as always, please contact us if you have any questions.

MRI Handouts

MultiHance MRI Contrast - January 2008 - We recently switched our MR contrast from Magnevist to MultiHance, which studies have shown has better lesion distinguishing capabilities. There have also been no NSF cases related to MultiHance alone.

MS Imaging - October 2007 - We see a lot of MS patients come through for high quality scans to track the progress of their disease. This handout simply lays out the benefits for MS patients to have their scans at Big Sky.

Screening IAC - 2007 - We offer discounted Screening IAC scans to check for IAC abnormalities including acoustic neruomas.