Gravity Scan


Big Sky Diagnostic Imaging is proud to introduce GravityScan. GravityScan is a type of lumbar MRI scanning that allows us to simulate the effects of gravity on the patient’s lumbar spine. By using GravityScan, we are able to provide the most accurate diagnostic pictures to help you correlate the clinical symptoms with the MRI findings.


GravityScan simulates the effects of gravity on the lumbar spine.  Using axial loading technology, an accurate representation of the patient in a standing position is produced.


Get the most comprehensive look at the lumbar spine.  GravityScan allows you to see the spine as it is in day-to-day life, when the patient’s symptoms occur.

No extra cost

GravityScan is included with a standard lumbar MRI at Big Sky for no extra cost.

GravityScan Big Sky has a clear tradition of introducing the most advanced technology and raising the standards.   We were the first MRI center in the state and larger region to offer 3T scanning and have since introduced a number of techniques and scans unique to the region.  Our newest offering is just a continuation of our pledge to creating and raising the standards of imaging in Billings.  GravityScan is the only device in the region capable of producing high resolution images of the lumbar spine with the effects of gravity accurately reproduced.

GravityScan has been demonstrated to give the most accurate findings for Lumbar MRI.

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